Anglo-Swiss Club of Fribourg

The Anglo-Swiss Club of Fribourg 

offers a friendly environment to members of all nations who are interested in cultural and social contacts in the English language. In particular it offers a chance for expats to get together with English-speaking Swiss.
Apart from the summer months we meet twice a month: once for an event, a talk, a visit or an outing, and once just for a meal together. We also ha
ve a bowling group meeting on the first Monday of the month.

Come along to one of our meetings to sample the atmosphere.You can find our current programme under "Calendar of events" in the sidebar.

What's new in our Club?

Bowling competition

Our club was one of the remaining clubs in the FASC competition 2015/6. We had the best and second-best lady as well as the third man!
Alsthoigh the FASC competition seems no longer to exist we continue on the First Monday of most months!

Federation News
The Federation is going through a difficult time at the moment. Solothurn has taken over the presidency following the AGM 2018. Lausanne is planned
for 2019 and Locarno for 2020.

There is a free magazine "Hello Switzerland" This magazine depends on advertisers to survive so please subscribe to it: you do yourself and them a favour! Subscribe here

he Phénix

Many of our meetings are held in this centre, Visit their website and  consider becoming a supporter.

If you organize an event send a brief write-up to our webmaster with your photos to go on our Google Photo site. Photos should not be larger than 1MB.