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Brewery visit 2016

It is fairly common in English when being rude about someone's capabilities to say they"couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery"! 
That certainly was not the case today. Monique Gerzenbek of the Ladies' Club, ably assisted by husband Johannes (also the "Grillmeister") did a wonderful job. The 17 people present, 5 ASCF and 12 from the Ladies' Club were very appreciative.
There was a slight hiccough at the start, because the owner was not yet back from a delivery but Monique and Johannes served beer, wine and nibbles, and Johannes explained the brewing process. The boss returned and said a bit more about the different types of grain, hops and yeast that can be combined to make the beer taste differently. 

We then all sat down and enjoyed a magnificent meal centered around grilled sausages and garlic studded roast pork - thanks to the Grillmeister!

Finally, after coffee, the owner, Fredi Haldemann (not to be confused with the famous Haldimann Brewery in Zurich with its dray horses, although Fredi informed me that the two clans come from villages in Emmental not far apart) led us through a tasting session of the 8 different beers in his current assortment, divided into those fermented at low temperatures and those fermented at higher temperatures. Fortunately here the glasses were quite small and a bucket was available for the excess!
You can find out more about his products on the website.

Brasserie Haldemann