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Car Rally 2012

Due to an error in the directions, mea culpa! (the map reference of the second to last clue was incorrect!) no-one actually finished the rally. First home to have completed all correct clues were the Blancpains. Most of the others followed closely behind.
We were happy to have had 6 cars competing, of which one came from the Lausanne club; and those who participated were happy to have seen parts of the countryside they did not know about (which was the main purpose of the exercise)!
The aperitif and picnic were a great success with an astonishing view of Avenches (including the Nespresso factory) from the woods high above the town, at the Refuge de la Reine Berthe. We had a fire and a small grill and a good time was had right up to sunset: by which time the European Fooball Cup began to take its toll of the members.
We had 14 people participating in the rally joined by 5 more for the picnic.
Here are the photos: