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Cerny Inuit Collection

A most unexpected visit. The Collection is included in the Bern Museums but it is really a private collection of Inuit objects of recent provenance, sometimes created from very old objects (one carving from the skull of a whale has been carbon-dated as 1200 years old).
Martha Cerny (a Canadian) and her husband, Peter (Swiss and head of radiology at the Lindenhof Hospital), started their Collection when they acquired an existing collection some 20 years ago. In the 21st. century this exhibition has been shown in many places around the world (see their photos).
13 of us were entertained to a very instructive tour of this collection of Inuit art from both Canada and Siberia. The art is mostly contemporary and shows the development of their art over the last few decades - using traditional Inuit themes with materials from all over the world - especially soapstone from Brazil!
Aperitifs and snacks were offered as part of the tour.
The evening ended with an excellent Italian meal just round the corner from the Exhibition.

Inuit Art