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Colmar's Christmas Market

After one person called off sick we were just 9 to enjoy being driven to Colmar. We were blessed with ideal weather for the visit. We spent a lot of time admiring the scenery and, of course, shopping! There was a lot of kitch but our discerning members concentrated their energies on the famous items from the Alsace area - food and drink! This was also the case of the 2 1/2 hour lunch at the Hotel Le Maréchal. Excellent value if a shade on the long side! We also discovered a new speciality Kirigami - an excellent way of making cards in your own home, details (in French only) here.
Sadly the famous Unterlinden museum has been undergoing a facelift and was only being re-opened in time for Christmas on Dec. 12th.
The return journey was almost as fast as going so we were back in Fribourg more than half an hour before the expected time (20:00).

Colmar at Christmas