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Federation Diamond Jubilee Celebration

Fribourg sent a contingent of 12 (!) to this event. How they managed to cram 130 people into a place designed for 50-60 was a miracle! But they did it!
We had an apéro under the same sort of weather that they had in London - light, intermittent rain - but managed to get under the roof. Then on to Brunch and an afternoon of Telly-watching to see the procession of boats up the Thames (and the Canaletto painting of a similar event 260 years previously). Bob Howis then delivered one of his entertaining speeches, followed by Erwin Burn, the new Consular Warden. There was then a spectacular act by Eileen and Lynn from St. Gallen who mimed to a medley of popular songs with a London and UK base.
Finally we were allowed to get at the Strawberries and Cream and real Yorkshire tea. After signing the book (a new edition for the occasion) we were allowed to get on our way home just after 17:00. There is a short video on YouTube and here are some photos: