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FASC Winter Weekend

The weekend was, on the whole, a great success. Some 46 persons attended including 8 BRA members. Unfortunately the weather was not as good as last year. On the Friday many people arrived (or nearly didn't) in a snowstorm and in traffic chaos! Saturday we had a wonderful train trip up the Bernina to the Alp Grüm where we all enjoyed an excellent fondue. The weather had been gloriously sunny on the way up. On the way down, as happens so often in the mountains there was a complete change, so that we barely saw any of the scenery. For the skiers it was worse: after a very enjoyable morning they were obliged to come down on the funicular somewhat early. On Sunday, the highlight of the weekend was also a disappointment, after a first race on a straightened course, at the end of which one of the horses fell, the organizers cancelled racing for the day, since the snow was too soft. Many people left early to avoid the forecast further snowfalls. For those who stayed on until Monday and enjoyed an excellent meal in the Pizzeria, an early start in light snow avoided any more problems on the Julier Pass!

St. Moritz