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Federation Weekend 2012

Fribourg was not well represented at the weekend, which took place in the Park Hotel, Oberhofen. Our Chairman, Hartmut, was there for the meeting but then left, leaving just Rose-Marie and me to carry the (black and white) flag!
Following the meeting there was a very excellent aperitif dinatoire and the afternoon was given over to the traditional "non-serious games". In the evening there was a meal (which was served incredibly slowly so that by the time we finished our desserts and coffee it was gone 11 p.m.!
The band was not as good as it had been (same band) last year, but there were enough crazy people on the dance floor to make it fun!
After breakfast on Sunday there was the prize-giving for the "games" and guess what - our small contingent did better than all clubs apart from the young ladies of Toggenburg, winning the Men's Mini-Golf and Darts and also the team darts!
So we gave in two cups and brought three home. There was more good news in that the Federation  has now decided not to ask clubs to engrave the cups, so we save over CHF 150!
Even more good news came with the results of the Bowling Competition! Our team came second and our star lady, Gloria, won the ladies' prize (again against stiff competition from Toggenburg!). Let's all get practising for the 2013 competition.
Following the event we visited Schloss Hünegg which as well as the castle and its rooms also houses a special exhibition of Railways: model railways and mountain railways very attractive for children of all ages (even AVS!).
As a last visit we looked at the Churchill memorial in Oberhofen. I have failed to find any explanation as to why it is there. Please let me know if you have any information.

The Federation has truly come back to life under Bob Howis. Please click on the logo at the bottom of the page - it helps the club and the Federation!

FASC Weekend 2012

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