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GoodWill Family 2015

Letter from Gerda Tuck

It was a pleasure to see so many of you on Wednesday evening at the Phenix for the presentation of our association and I would like to thank the committee of  the Anglo Swiss Club of Fribourg for giving us this opportunity.

I appreciated your interest for our project and I’m also grateful to those of you who purchased some of our handicrafts or made a donation .

As you have seen , Good Will Family is a small organization that operates mainly with the help of volunteers that’s why we can do so much with so little financial means.

If you are interested in joining our association, you can contact me and I will send you a form that you can fill out and return. The annual membership fee is CHF 30.- . By becoming a member you will be regularly informed of our activities throughout the year and can also volunteer to raise funds for a particular objective such as: a generator for electricity, a vehicle to transport the children, a fridge or for the construction of a unit of the first module which represents our main objective.

There are still 2 children looking for sponsors so if you are interested or if you know someone in your surrounding who would be interested in sponsoring a child, please give them our contact . Together, we can build a network in order to reach our objectives easier. “Many hands make light work!”

Thank you again for your support and don’t forget to pass the word around you!

For those who couldn’t attend the presentation, you are free to make a donation on our bank account IBAN number CH13 0076 8300 1290 4310 0. Since our organization is recognized as a charity any donations will be tax-deductible.


GoodWill Family