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Lucerne Underground City 9.6.16

19 persons in total , 17 did the full day tour , Steen and Hartmut joined for the shelter visit only.
6 ASC Fribourg members present, the day was organized by the ESL
Very interesting guided tour through the Underground Shelter, built around the two motorway tunnels which run through Lucerne. A very knowledgeable guide took us through the administrative building for almost 2 hours. The shelter for 20'000 people would have their bunk-beds and facilities in the two motorway tunnels; if an emergency should occur, both ends of the motorway tunnels would be closed and it would have taken 2 weeks to set up the bunk-beds and facilities.
It has now been redesigned for only 2,000 people, taking shelter in the administrative part of the facility. The Lucerne police have taken over part of the building as temporary detention facility.

Lucerne Underground