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Talk on Sri Lanka

On Wednesday March 18th., the AngloSwiss Club of Fribourg had the pleasure of welcoming Terrel Abeysingha at the Phenix for a presentation on the origins of the conflict between Singhalese and Tamils in Sri Lanka.  Terrel who himself is a Singhalese journalist and a strong defender of human rights had embraced the cause of the Tamil while living at home. Because of his stance he had to flee his country 5 years ago and seek asylum  in Switzerland with his wife and son.

The talk was well documented with maps and pictures showing the different changes that the country went through during the different colonial periods. In a well-structured presentation that lasted just over an hour, Terrel was able to summarize the history of his country and the outcome of the political and military conflict that led to the exile of many Tamils all over the world.

After the presentation we were able to enjoy some rather spicy, typically Sri Lankan specialities which the speaker's wife had prepared.