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A day at the Races

After some early rain the sun came out to welcome us for the first race at 11:05 in the magnificent setting of the IENA race course. The first race was a flat race with only 6 competitors. The second (11:35) was a trotting race on the inner sand track. There was a collision and one of the drivers was ejected from his sulky. The horse continued to gallop around the track destroying the markers all around the inside of the course and, in doing so, also destroying his sulky. The racing continued with races every 30 minutes, alternating between flat and trotting.
We thought it was not possible to bet on Swiss races, so we did not try - however, Hartmut organised a small mutual competition where we all chose different runners - even so we failed to find the winner 3 times - a 50% success rate, so it was probably better that we did not bet with the PMU!
You can see some delightful photos here.