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Musée romain, Vallon

8 members and 1 guest turned up for this event, not quite enough to get the reduced entry fee. We were able to visit the temporary exhibition of Hygiene and Cosmetics in Roman times and learnt, amongst other things that some of the cosmetics were made from the ground, burnt skull of a hare! Others were made from savory (sarriette, Bohnenkraut!). We also saw a model of Roman Latrines (fascinating!) and learnt that the urine collected was also used in makeup whereas the faeces were dried and used as fertilizer.
We ended by viewing the two remarkable mosaics which form part of the permanent exhibition and the models and details of the villa, the site, which was a Roman villa until it burnt down during the 2nd Century AD and which has not yet been completely explored.
A very worthwhile visit!

You can see the photos here.